About Us

Bluebay Home Loans is an Australian-owned independent home loan provider. Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing a residential dwelling, building your dream home, or buying a block of land, Bluebay Home Loans can help. Often when other lenders can’t.

Established in 2008, our goal was always to provide a viable alternative to the big Australian banks. It’s our whole reason for being.

Why? Because for more than a century, they’ve had virtually no competition in Australia. They’re too used to having the upper hand, and consumers are paying the price. Almost without exception, traditional home loans lack choice and flexibility, so they simply don’t meet the real-life needs of everyday borrowers. Needless to say, customer service has gone out the window too.

We’re here to change all that.

It all starts with great customer service. We understand that applying for a home loan may be the biggest financial decision you ever make. But that doesn’t mean the process, itself, has to be hard! We want it to be easy for you.

For starters, when you call about home finance, no matter where you are in Australia, you’ll receive the same great service from our friendly staff. And from your very first call, you’ll feel the difference. We make it our business to listen to you, to give you the time you need to explain yourself, to answer all your questions, and to help you through the whole process of buying a new home.

Our goal is to actually get to know you. Because then we can learn your situation and identify how best to deliver the outcome you need. This helps us decide what home finance products we need to offer in the long term, too. Take Parent Assist, for example. It came directly from customer feedback. Our customers wanted a better way to come up with their deposit, so we gave it to them.

As a result, our home finance products are very much tailored to what you want, and often we can help where many other lenders in Australia can’t.

Of course, Bluebay Home Loans is funded by some of Australia’s largest financial institutions, so you get the security of a bank, without having to deal with one!

All in all, it’s not surprising our customers go away very satisfied. Or that they happily spread the word. In fact, we’ve gone from strength to strength since inception, growing our market share and our suite of home loans.

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Fill in our contact form or call 1300 258 229 to discuss our home loans. Our friendly home loan consultants will walk you through your options, explain the process, and answer any questions you have. Or you can apply through one of ou accredited mortgage brokers. 

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