Easy-to-use calculators - Get a clearer picture

When you’re borrowing for a new home, you want cost certainty. There’s just no substitute for seeing the figures in front of you, in black and white.

That’s why we developed our suite of helpful calculators. From borrowing capacity to stamp duty, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with your choices, once you’ve taken our calculators for a spin.

Loan Repayments

Know what your loan repayments are, before you get too far down the track. Use our loan repayments calculator...

Borrowing Power 

Quickly find out how much you can borrow, so you’ll know for sure what homes are really on the menu. Use our borrowing power calculator...

Stamp Duty 

Don’t get caught short by stamp duty. Find out how much you’ll be up for. Use our stamp duty calculator...

Extra Repayments 

How much can you shave off your mortgage by making a few extra repayments? Use our extra repayments calculator...

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