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A home loan for almost any situation

Whether you’re a first home buyer or seasoned investor, Bluebay Home Loans has a home loan to suit. In fact, even if you’ve had finance applications knocked back by other lenders in Australia, there’s a good chance we can still help.

We offer a wide variety of home loans, including low doc loans, low and no-deposit loans, construction loans and investment loans.

We even have a loan that no other lender in Australia can offer: Parent Assist, an innovative way for your parents to lend you some or all of your deposit, without putting their house at risk. Just as importantly, we don’t just provide you with home finance. We provide genuine customer service too. We believe it’s the best in Australia.

For starters, every time you call, you’ll get to speak with a real person. Someone experienced, who’s genuinely interested in getting to know you and your situation, and figuring out the best way to help you.

Someone who understands that getting a home loan and buying a new home are a big deal. They know there’s a lot to consider, and it’s hard to remember everything, even if you’ve done it all before. So they make it their business to help you through the whole process – making it easy and hassle-free.

Backed by major finance institutions

Of course, all our loans are backed by major finance institutions. And all our staff and accredited brokers complete a stringent training and accreditation process before being permitted to write a single loan. Add to that the finance industry experience of our management team: More than 150 years in total.

In other words, you get all the security you’re used to, but the flexibility and customer service of a forward-thinking independent. It’s a win-win!

Call today for a home loan

Fill in our contact form or call 1300 258 229 to discuss a home loan. Our friendly home finance consultants will walk you through your options, explain the process, and answer any questions you have. Or you can apply through one of our accredited mortgage brokers.

Use our helpful calculators 

If you'd like to have a clearer picture of how much you can borrow, or stamp duty costs, before you contact us, just check out our home loan calculators.