Home loans for first home buyers

Plenty of choice for first home buyers

Your choices shouldn’t be limited just because you’re a first home buyer. At Bluebay Home Loans, we specialise in loans for first home buyers. Which means you have more choices with us than with most other lenders:

Low deposit loans

Choose from a variety of low deposit home loans. Some that require genuine savings (i.e. savings to be shown over time), some that don’t (i.e. your deposit might be a gift or informal loan from parents). 

Parent Assist 

An alternative to guarantor loans, that lets your parents help without putting their home at risk. More about Parent Assist...


Buy in partnership with a friend, sibling or relative. 

And as you’d expect, you can choose from all the regular options, including redraw, fixed and variable interest rates. Plus, depending on what loan product you choose, you may also get a credit card at home loan rates and an offset account.

Couple with home loan officer

Too many options?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make the decision alone. We’ll take the time to understand your situation and financial goals, then we’ll help you choose the package that’s most appropriate for you, as a first home buyer.

We’ll be honest too. And if you don’t qualify for a home loan right now, we have a program in place to help you qualify next time. It’s called My Home Plan, and it’s a customised, step-by-step financial plan to help you save your deposit. You get a tailored budgeting tool and a dedicated financial mentor. (My Home Plan is currently being piloted in WA and Victoria only. We aim to roll it out to first home buyers nationally soon.)

Call today for your first home loan

Fill in our contact form or call 1300 258 229 to discuss a home loan for your first home. Our friendly consultants will walk you through your options, explain the process, and answer any questions you have. Or you can apply through one of our accredited mortgage brokers.