Credit card at home loan rates

A credit card at home loan rates? Unheard of!

We’re all so used to seeing credit card rates in the realm of 15%-20% that one at home loan rates seems too good to be true. But it is true.

Many of our home loans come packaged with a Visa that has the same low interest rate as the loan. We think they’re the best low rate credit cards available.

So instead of paying up to 20%, as you would with a typical credit card, you pay only a low 5%-7%. That’s a massive interest rate saving of up to 15%. And obviously, a saving like that could well save you thousands of dollars every year.

And with a card balance of up to $20,000, you could use your low rate credit card to pay for just about anything. Invest in modifications to your home, buy a new washing machine, even pay settlement fees or stamp duty costs on your loan... Your options are virtually limitless. Best of all, no matter what you use it for, you pay the same low rate as your home loan.

Of course, the incredibly low rate will also help you pay your card off faster. Including any existing debt. (Yes, we offer balance transfers from existing credit cards from other lenders.)

Linking your Bluebay credit card with our offset accounts



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