Bluebay Home Loans branches out into eastern states

Mortgage manager Bluebay Home Loans has expanded into New South Wales and Victoria appointing Andrew West as its NSW Business Relationship Manager and Alan Casey as it’s VIC Business Relationship Manager.

The new BRMs’ primary focus will be introducing clients to Parent Assist, Bluebay Home Loans' revolutionary home loan product.

A smart new way for young Australians to own their own home with the assistance of mum and dad – but without many of the associated risks of a guarantor loan – Parent Assist has already achieved success in WA.

“Parent Assist aims to address the current constraints of both housing affordability and the challenges many first homebuyers face saving for a deposit,” Mr West said.

With a number of years’ experience in finance, the BRMs will manage the everyday operations of Bluebay Home Loans in NSW and Victoria.

Gerry O’Donnell, General Manager of Bluebay Home Loans, said he was pleased to have Mr. West and Mr. Casey on board to deliver the innovative Parent Assist product to homebuyers in the eastern states.

“Both new members will be a great asset to Bluebay Home Loans, bringing knowledge and experience in finance and management to our team in abundance,” he said.