What to consider before renovating

Renovating your home can be a great way to make it feel new again and could also add value if you are considering selling. However, you should ask yourself the following before making your decision as to whether now is the right time or not.

Why am I renovating?

Before you begin the project, ask yourself why you are renovating? Only then can you understand what outcome you are truly trying to achieve. If you are renovating to increase the value of your home then research what homebuyers in your area are looking for, make educated decisions rather than thinking only of what you look for in a home. You also want to ensure you keep renovation costs low if renovating to sell so that you don’t spend more than you will get back in return.

Do I have the time?

Nobody wants to live in what feels like a construction site so be sure you have enough time to complete your project in a timely manner before beginning. Not only will you be glad you made this consideration, but so will your neighbours. If you are planning to renovate areas such as your bathroom then be sure you can live without a functioning one for the time you need to complete the room. Renovating your home is not a decision you should rush into as there are a number of factors to consider and plan for in advance.

Will I need help?

How much of a handy man/woman are you? In theory, we all believe that we can self-teach ourselves how to renovate but that is not always the case. Think about exactly what needs to be done and determine what tasks you are confident to complete alone and what ones you must outsource. Once you have done this, begin to gather quotes. It is always recommended to obtain at least 3 different quotes so you can be sure you are getting value for your money.

Am I sure I want to do this?

If you are renovating because you are simply tired of your current bathroom and want a new one then it is important you consider what your taste will be like in the future. Black tiles may be the trend now, but when you have had a year of cleaning them will you still be in love? Make Instagram and design websites your friend and look for inspiration so you can understand what you definitely love and what you simply think is trendy.